North Korean Nuclear Missiles Strike Japan! (Fake)

Breaking News! North Korean Nuclear Missiles Strike Japan! (Fake)
What if North Korea launches nuclear missiles against Japan? We have made a fictive news broadcast based on the high probability.
While you may think, North Korea launches a nuclear missile? Its impossible, North Korea is steadily developing their nuclear missile capability.
Soon, North Koreas aggression and Chinas expansionism are likely to become a great threat to the peace in Asia.
On July 26, South Korea declared that they will carry out a pre-emptive strike on North Koreas missile bases for an emergency in Korean Peninsula.
On the other hand, Japan has kept turning their back from the reality and contradicting themselves by saying,
Self-Defense Force is not a military force, for more than 60 years after the previous war. Now , what should Japan do?


Breaking News! North Korean Nuclear Missiles Strike Japan! (Fake)
by miniprince | 2012-04-05 00:44

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